These stamps depict the 2nd century stature of the "Winged Victory of Samothrace". They were issued in 1937 but only available in Museums around France. This particular pair are on a card from the Louvre in Paris and post marked 16th October 1937. The muse
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Soldiers serving in the trenches during the war were given pre-printed post cards to write correspondence. The cards carried warnings about divulging any information of a military nature. The sender was also asked not to give any information that could lea
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Bali have hindu,s temple on the middle of the sea(  TANAH LOT )  Stands the 15th century BC by masters Bawu rawu.He come from MAJAPAHIT KINGDOM. TANAH is the meaning land &  LOT is the meaning sea .There is 2 snakes( black & white). Snakes were doc
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Prambanan is hindu temple at Jokjakarta (central of java ) . some years ago . before indonesia nation. we have many kingdom. like sumatra kingdom , java. ctc. so when Majapahit (unite) with oath palapa   ( SUMPAH PALAPA) GAJAH MADA is warlords. he do it fo
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West sumatera of indonesia have culture & tradional house . it,s name  RUMAH GADANG( big house) king of west sumatera is woman. We call her; BUNDO KANDUANG ( mother) she stay at big house, & lead  people of west sumatera. so  west sumatera follwed
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Irian jaya ( east indonesia) they have a primitive people.Some years ago, they stay in irian jaya forest,  and the moderenisasi step by step  come in there, ( I got it on 1986), indonesia have a primitive ethic,  (tribal,)  is like " JAMBI( sumatra) is kub
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Irian jaya ( east indonesia) ASMAT ETHIC
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post card Irian jaya ( east indonesia) this is Asmat ethic
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 This is my collection of Indonesia stamps and postcards.
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Today`s world has become very modern with postcards and stamps.The mighty postcard needs the humble stamp to travel. Postcards and stamps reveal the culture and history of the world. The internet is helping Philately a lot.Just locate people who are intere
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