One of my favourite covers is: Why do I like it? It was from the Private Secretary to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and in my estimation it is a pretty snazzy find. Below is the letter that was enclosed.   if you are looking for a little more backgroun
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The French Postal Service issued a set of 2 stamps in 1936 commemorating the Vimy Ridge Memorial which not only commemorates the sacrifice the Canadian Forces made at Vimy, but it serves as a monument to all those Canadians who fought in France during the
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Peacekeeping is the maintenance of peace by an armed force.  This is usually done in the context of a United Nations peacekeeping mission. It is an honourable task and in 2012, Japan commemorated peacekeeping by issuing the below stamps. UN peacekeeping b
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Another favourite issue of mine is Canada Post's issue commemorating the RMS Empress of Ireland.  The Empress of Ireland was an ocean liner that sank in the St. Lawrence river after colliding with a Norwegian collier on May 29, 1914. 1012 of the 1477 peopl
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One of my favourite stamps is the 1898 issue from Canada to celebrate Imperial Penny Postage.  I like the simplicity of design and the use of colour.  As a student of history and a monarchist I love the tag line at the bottom of the stamp.
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This is a letter written from Amsterdam to Brussels via Antwerp. So why is it in my French Collection? Well, as well as French stamps, I also collect stamps/covers from areas under French Administration (such as Memel, Saar and post war Germany). In 1801 A
GibChris · 1014 days ago

The 1937 Philatelic Exhibition in Paris was celebrated with a special issue of the Original (Type 1) Ceres stamp. Produced in 4 different colours and mounted in Minisheet format the stamps were sold at the exhibition and eagerly snapped up by collectors. M
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This cover dates from 1941. The Germans had retaken the two boarder regions of Alsace and Lorraine and produced stamps over printed with the German names of these regions (Elsaz and Lothringen). The letter was written from Strasbourg which is the capital o
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Although devoid of stamps, this letter was written in 1692 which I find interesting. That year France had terrible harvests and the country suffered a famine as a result. Louis XIV (the Sun King) was on the throne. In other part of the world the Americans
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