Usage Guidelines

mystampworld is provided by KoalaStamps as a free service to the philatelic community. In return you can help the site grow into a broad stamp collectors resource for the young and not so young with your active participation.

Ground rules for forum posting:

Posts should generally be related to philately. If you want to discuss something else please use our Marginal and Unhinged forum.

Choose the most appropriate forum for your topic. Using the appropriate forum makes it easier for other visitors to find your topic, and it also makes it easier for other members to help you find the answer to any questions as quickly as possible.

Posts must be easy for others to read. Write a short subject that describes your topic. Subjects may not be in ALL CAPS or contain excessive punctuation, and posts may not contain unnecessary URLs. While you're welcome to include a URL in your post, if you have troubleshooting questions related directly to the site, posts with excessive URLs will be removed. Posting excessive URLs may result in a warning or removal from the community.

Be careful. To ensure your safety, security, and privacy, never post your email address or any personal information you don’t want shared, and be cautious if you choose to contact others offline or ask others to contact you.

Ground rules for content:

Posts must not contain the following types of content. Posting these types of content may result in the removal of your post. In more serious cases, you may be banned or may lose access to your mystampworld account.

Non philatelic material. Non philatelic material cannot be shown on mystampworld.

Advertising. Four avenues are provided. Ads: for short term (up to 90 days) classified advertising, just like placing an ad in a newspaper. Sites: for promoting your own web sites. Stores: for selling your philatelic items at a fixed price. Swaps: for trading philatelic items with other members. Any wrongly classified ads or any advertising outside of these areas will be deleted without warning. |

Spam. Here we're all responsible for keeping the community spam-free. Spam includes, but is not limited to, any promotional, commercial, or adult content, multiple instances of the same post, posts with URLs unrelated to the question, and the transmission of malware, viruses, or anything that may disrupt service or harm others.

Nudity and sexually explicit material. We don't allow nudity or sexually explicit material. We also don't allow content that drives traffic to commercial pornography sites.

Violent or bullying behaviour. Don't threaten, harass, or bully other users. This includes using profanity to abuse others.

Hate speech. We don't allow the promotion of hatred toward groups of people based on their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity.

Drugs. Reference to recreational drugs is not allowed.

Impersonation. We don't allow impersonation of others or other behaviour that is misleading or intended to be misleading.

Private & confidential information. We don't allow unauthorized publishing of people's private and confidential information, such as credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers, driver's and other license numbers, or any other information that is not publicly accessible.

Copyright. We will respond to clear notices of alleged copyright infringement. Please flag any copyright material as such by emailing the site Administrator.

Our Agreement:

By participating here, you agree to abide by these guidelines. Breaking these guidelines may result in your post being removed, and severe abuses may lead to harsher penalties. Please read the mystampworld Terms Of Use for further guidance. We reserve the right to change these guidelines at any point in our effort to keep mystampworld clean, user-friendly, and safe. If you believe that someone is violating these posting guidelines, please report it to the site Administrator, who will promptly review your report and take action, if appropriate.

Let's work together to keep mystampworld a clean and friendly environment. Happy stamping.

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Usage Guidelines