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Categories: Blog — Covers and Postcards that arrive through my letterbox. 
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Categories: Blog — Israel'.s rich history and culture is reflected in its postage stamp design. The postal authority makes the sheet margins an integral part of its stamp design. Collecting stamps with marginal tabs is therefore the standard for many Israel philatelists.
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Categories: Blog — Theo's blog of issues from the Nation that gave us the Penny Black.
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Categories: Blog — The celebration of Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter on postage stamps.
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Categories: Blog — The celebration of Christmas on postage stamps.
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My philatelic interests at various times have been: 

1. Israel from 1948
2. Revenues
3. Christmas
4. Holy Week and Easter 
5. British Mandate Palestine 
6. Coins and Banknotes on Stamps 
7. Numismatic covers and Coins on Stamps
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An Island Nativity - Malta Christmas 2014 Malta's set of Christmas stamps for  2014 shows the birth story of Jesus Christ. One stamp shows Mary and Joseph out in the cold under a star lit sky, some distance from a fire. Two more show Mary and Joseph with t
Theotoo · 1253 days ago

Santa's Here! With my white beard grown to a bushy 2.5 to 3 inches in length, a good number of our local young children are delighted to confirm that the real Father Christmas is to be found 3 or 4 days after Christmas, on holiday after all the exertions o
Theotoo · 1258 days ago

A Winter Wonderland. One of my cherished photographs is of my firstborn daughter standing with red hands beside our huge snowman complete with his hat, scarf and carrot nose. Over 30 years ago, I and my family were delighted with the story book of Raymond
Theotoo · 1259 days ago

Follow The Star. For me the best Christmas stamp issues tell something of the biblical story of Christmas. This is certainly true of Gibraltar's 2007 issue. There are the porcelain figures of Jesus, Mary and Joseph as well as the three Kings. Together with
Theotoo · 1266 days ago

Gibraltar's Porcelain Nativity My Christmas is never complete without some part of Church or Home, or preferably both, having a Nativity scene on display. This represents Jesus's birth in the stable at Bethlehem with figures representing the Holy Family, t
Theotoo · 1269 days ago
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A group for discussion of Aviation and Aircraft on stamps. 
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A group for all collectors of Israel's postage stamps.
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Around the world, very many Postal Authorities issue stamps to celebrate the festival of Christmas. The stamps range from the  religious to the secular; from the manger to the visit of Santa; from seasonal decorations and feasting, to expressions of peace and goodwill to all. Please share your Chris…
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United Kingdom
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A Group for discussing and posting information on Ships on Stamps.
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A group for discussion of Aviation and Aircraft on stamps. 
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all world is football frenzy at this time...i started this group to share knowledge about stamps issued by countries on footballers or any football related things like stadiums and all...
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