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My Philatelic Interests:
  1. Newspaper Wrappers Worldwide from before 1900
  2. The Bi-colored stamps of Denmark and Danish West Indies
  3. Postal history of Schleswig-Holstein
  4. Chatou - My village West of Paris (Thematic Collection)
  5. The Classical Danish Revenues
  6. Victorian Ceylon
  7. Sleeping collections Australia, Sweden, Emerging collections Belgium before 1900 Philippines Romania before 1900
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Some will remember we had such a group at My Philately. It actually grew in size and number of members and posts quite rapidly. People liked it maybe because we were able to have a global scope like our philatelic forefathers thanks to the narrow theme. Let us try do it here at MSW. All number ones…
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1956 days ago · From Svend
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Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi is affectionately known as "Mahatma Gandhi" or "Gandhiji" or "Bappuji" all over the world !  United Nations has declared him by its resolution in 2000AD as the " Man of the Millenium". As an ardent practioner of Non-Violence, he can be considered as the "Light of the worl…
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1954 days ago · From Pradeep_Kumar
The most populous nation on earth has a rich philatelic history.  Beginning with the first stamps issued by the Shanghai Municipal Council in 1865, the fabled " large dragons " to the colourful pictorial stamps of today.  
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1999 days ago · From Bede
Categories: Blog — You will find 24 posts on a variety of subjects. Among which: Yes I Collect Stamps! I am a Philatelist. (31.01.2010)   My four collections My career as a stamp collector (1st part)
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