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My Philatelic Interests:

Mauritius, Vatican, Australia, general world wide, ships and lighthouses. All used or CTO's.

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Mauritius used

Philatelic Friends

Mint stamps are accepted as the most valuable of the stamps because not yet used, they have the most financial value.  But they have been printed to be postage and so far have not performed any function other than to lay in a vault.  Where's the value in t
Steve_Donovan · 1237 days ago

It's been 2 weeks now that I have been at the daunting task of mounting 30+ years of accumulated stamps into albums and I learned one lesson the hard way.  Never do it this way. Put the stamps into the albums as you get them, don't say, I'll do this later!
Steve_Donovan · 1240 days ago

A few days into this enormous project I discovered a flaw in my thinking. I had made a lot of my purchases over the years topically and that's primarily how I was going to set up my collection, by topics or thematically. I had also purchased general worldw
Steve_Donovan · 1250 days ago

I'd say the timing couldn't be better.  I wanted to work on my stamp collection didn't I? Be careful what you wish for!  I have nothing but time, and well, pain, now.  I had put away a Lighthouse album to start off my Vatican collection with a 100 mint sta
Steve_Donovan · 1254 days ago

About 10 years ago I picked Mauritius as a country I wanted to collect partly because it was not commonly collected, affordable while not that everyday, and no one knew how to pronounce the name.  It is more-ish-iss, like delicious starting with more. The
Steve_Donovan · 1255 days ago
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this is a group for collectors who collects on the theme 'one stamp from each country' ..
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1458 days ago · From lihkin
All things fresh & salt water, from fish, water mammals, corals & aquatic insects to ducks, geese & aquatic birds...
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United States
1485 days ago · From Rich
Birds on stamps, FDC, covers , maximum cards, postal stationery, etc. Open to all MSW members who like bird stamps. Please show your Bird items here! some useful sites on Bird Stamps are:
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1527 days ago · From angrybird