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Primarily British Commonwealth, but I have a passion for stamps of all countries.

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1 Stamps By Jimjih
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SOMETHING TO WATCH OUT FOR:  received an email today that appeared to be from Paypal stating that a payment had been made from my account to someone else.  I knew it wasn't mine, so I was cautious.  On the page was a button that said "Cancel this Sale".  I
Jimjih · 1461 days ago

Have you ever thought about becoming a stamp dealer, but didn't know how to go about it?  I just published an article that hopefully will give you some helpful information about becoming a dealer.  It is a rewarding field, but involves a lot of hard work a
Jimjih · 1542 days ago
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For topical collectors who love nature and everything in it: Butterflies, Birds, Rocks and animals.....the list is quite big. That just means there's plenty to see and share!
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For lovers of religious topics and beliefs systems. Share and discuss!
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Stamp collectors have been organizing gatherings of like minded people for decades, to promote the hobby, to sell their wares, to share their knowledge and to show off their prized possessions. In the process of organizing these great events and with the thought to promote and to offer a souvenir of…
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By Jimjih · 1611 days ago
By Jimjih · 1781 days ago
Categories: Dealer — F & J Collectibles has been in business for 15 years.  Before that I was a part-time dealer for about 30 years.  We specialize in British Commonwealth, but have a worldwide stock.  Check our web site for our extensive lists.  Adding U.S. list soon.  We are members of the APS (25+ years), IPDA (I…
1781 days ago · 4 comments · From Jimjih