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My stamp collection lot of old, difficult to find in the publication . would you like to help me, how to do. some of them without post office stamp (signet)
Deslinda · 1236 days ago

Bali have hindu,s temple on the middle of the sea(  TANAH LOT )  Stands the 15th century BC by masters Bawu rawu.He come from MAJAPAHIT KINGDOM. TANAH is the meaning land &  LOT is the meaning sea .There is 2 snakes( black & white). Snakes were doc
Deslinda · 1405 days ago

Prambanan is hindu temple at Jokjakarta (central of java ) . some years ago . before indonesia nation. we have many kingdom. like sumatra kingdom , java. ctc. so when Majapahit (unite) with oath palapa   ( SUMPAH PALAPA) GAJAH MADA is warlords. he do it fo
Deslinda · 1407 days ago

West sumatera of indonesia have culture & tradional house . it,s name  RUMAH GADANG( big house) king of west sumatera is woman. We call her; BUNDO KANDUANG ( mother) she stay at big house, & lead  people of west sumatera. so  west sumatera follwed
Deslinda · 1410 days ago

Irian jaya ( east indonesia) they have a primitive people.Some years ago, they stay in irian jaya forest,  and the moderenisasi step by step  come in there, ( I got it on 1986), indonesia have a primitive ethic,  (tribal,)  is like " JAMBI( sumatra) is kub
Deslinda · 1419 days ago
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