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Landscapes/Scenery,Nature(trees,plants,animals,etc.),Christianity,Art,Asian Culture

I also have a good bunch of random stamps I just like. I'm not much of a completionist outside of individual sets or series so that leaves lots of room for expansion. I'm also dipping my toes in Indian states, tho that's a slow process.

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Looking for Hello Kitty stamps and sources for China, Iran,Iraq and India.


Just finished A History of Britain in Thirty-six Postage Stamps by Chris West. It was very well written and packed full of information. None of the slow or tedious meandering that some historical non-fictions tend to take, very engaging. Mr. West sampled a
BettyAnn · 1036 days ago

So it's been a crazy year. I've not had much time to myself between nannying kids and hubby's open heart surgery. But he is far along the mend and the kids are getting to the "want to be outside all the time" stage of summer so I finally have at least some
BettyAnn · 1036 days ago
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For topical collectors who love nature and everything in it: Butterflies, Birds, Rocks and animals.....the list is quite big. That just means there's plenty to see and share!
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1580 days ago · From BettyAnn
For lovers of religious topics and beliefs systems. Share and discuss!
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1581 days ago · From BettyAnn
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this is a group for collectors who collects on the theme 'one stamp from each country' ..
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1454 days ago · From lihkin
All things fresh & salt water, from fish, water mammals, corals & aquatic insects to ducks, geese & aquatic birds...
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United States
1482 days ago · From Rich
Birds on stamps, FDC, covers , maximum cards, postal stationery, etc. Open to all MSW members who like bird stamps. Please show your Bird items here! some useful sites on Bird Stamps are:
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1524 days ago · From angrybird