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A long time collector of China, particularly Treaty Ports, Manchukuo , revenues and Japanese Post Offices in China.  My preference is postal history, but I will collect anything relating to these. Have also recently developed an interest in the early issues (pre 1900) of Mauritius and Cuba. Australian States is another area I wish to pursue in the future.  MSW has now given me two more directions :  Israel and US Precancels , if only time will permit.  Where it is applicable , I also have an interest in wartime censored covers on all of the above. I can now add the Confederate States of America to my long list , a fascinating but specialised area.

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Fine used copy of 1934 Manchukuo Pu Yi 15f. Recently acquired this stamp on eBay , but had to pay top dollar. It was well worth the expense though , there are not too many for sale.

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A  blog for the thoughts , memories and predictions of Asian stamp collecting.  The range is unlimited.  Asian countries , collectors living in Asia and collectors of Asia stamps , covers etc. All are welcome to give their ideas and experiences.
Bede · 1660 days ago
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The most populous nation on earth has a rich philatelic history.  Beginning with the first stamps issued by the Shanghai Municipal Council in 1865, the fabled " large dragons " to the colourful pictorial stamps of today.  
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Stamp collectors have been organizing gatherings of like minded people for decades, to promote the hobby, to sell their wares, to share their knowledge and to show off their prized possessions. In the process of organizing these great events and with the thought to promote and to offer a souvenir of…
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Some will remember we had such a group at My Philately. It actually grew in size and number of members and posts quite rapidly. People liked it maybe because we were able to have a global scope like our philatelic forefathers thanks to the narrow theme. Let us try do it here at MSW. All number ones…
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A group for all collectors of Israel's postage stamps.
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Sites — Melbourne Museum has an extensive philatelic and numismatic section.
1618 days ago · 0 comments · From Bede
Categories: Information — All you would need to know about starting a USA precancel collection.
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Categories: Resource — Manchukuo Stamps showcases the private collection of Simon Watt .  A brilliant reference point for anyone interested in this area.
1782 days ago · 2 comments · From Bede